Muslim Husband - Should Be a Man of Islamic Principles

In addition, Islamic law and Islamic Sharia requires Muslims to educate the husband of his wife, if she was not aware of Muslim customs. He does not seek to suppress it, but protects its potporu.Idealan husband should consult his wife on important family matters, and follow him if he is found to be reasonable and dobar.Svete book has authorized an Islamic husband to beat his wife lightly in case it does not follow Islamic norms and if he does not listen to her husband despite her enlightened him.

At the end of the Islamic ideal husband is the one who treats a woman with dostojanstvom.Muž is required to treat a woman the best possible way with a smiling face and with a lot of tolerance and easy going prirode.Idealan a Muslim man to his wife to adopt Islamic principles, will respect her and her family will support her and will stand beside her in a moment of crisis. The most important task of the Islamic personally keep a balance between his wife and his mother. It is with a good attitude and gentle nature that a Muslim husband to win over women, in order to successfully Muslim family.

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